"African Inspirations is a fascinating book. It presents us a way of looking at Africa from a different point of view to that taken by the big news agencies, business journalism guided by the lemma "if it bleeds it leads" and thus, privileging the "steady stream of political, social and economic bad news", which has led to the prevalent lopsided picture that most people have about this stunning continent. In this wonderful book, Cathy Majtenyi goes beyond the innumerable and insurmountable problems that the African people certainly face to discover and show us the "fascinating world of innovation; inspiration; motivation; dedication" that an intelligent and sharp observer like Cathy was able to uncover for us; a world that is the flip side of hopelessness and helplessness.
African Inspirations is a book written in simple, concise, and direct prose capable of capturing our attention right from its beginning, allowing us to submerge ourselves in the stories here presented. A seasoned writer would recognize immediately Majtenyi's great talent as a writer.
This book is an autobiography as well; it conveys Cathy's humble and positive attitude; a writer always willing to observe and learn from ordinary people's experiences.
Finally, but not less important, the creative design of the book captures and synthesizes what the whole book is all about; as can be seen right from the cover page itself, a work of art where African people appear as a backdrop of what in the front part appears as a representation of their interior light and wealth.
I enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot from this book, and I hope many more people will too."

"This inspiring book is a must-read. In a world filled with "bad news" this book shares hopeful stories of people over-coming all odds and transforming their own lives and others. I believe this book will instill hope for the possibility of positive changes in all circumstances around the world and in our own lives."
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