A thriving curio business – in the middle of a garbage dump. A university campus – in the heart of a refugee camp. A low-income community's power source – coming from the bottom of a public outhouse. African Inspirations: Turning Trial into Triumph contains more than two-dozen vignettes of individuals and groups in East African communities who have met economic and social challenges head-on, using their creativity, innovation and courage to transform the world around them. The stories reflect the perspectives and experiences of a wide range of people, from a community youth worker in a Nairobi informal settlement to a Nobel Peace Prize winner. These stories are grouped under four thematic areas that explore poverty reduction, environmental stewardship, food security, and moving forward from the traumas of war. The descriptions and interviews come from the author's 12 years of print, radio and television reporting in the region. The book is a must-read for those interested in seeing another side of East Africa that is rarely portrayed in media and especially for people seeking inspiration in their own lives.
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